10 Best Houseplants That Purify The Air

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There are countless chemicals in the air of your home that can be harmful and toxic for your health. So, in this article we show you 10 plants that will eliminate these chemicals, like formaldehyde.

They will be of great benefit for yours and your family’s health, and they are:

1. English Ivy – It can be found in many different colors and shapes. It’s great for eliminating formaldehyde.

English Ivy

2. Bamboo Palm – Another great plant for getting rid of formaldehyde. If you have a tight schedule, this plant is for you. It’s really low maintenance, unlike the English Ivy, and it just needs a couple of hours of sun.

Bamboo Palm

3. Peace Lily – It can eliminate many toxins, like benzene, acetone, alcohols, ammonia and more. You will need to take care of it though, because you need to wash its leaves a couple of times a month in order to keep it safe from insects.

Peace Lily

4. Phalaenopsis Orchids – Many people think they require too much attention, so they avoid them. However, this is far from the truth. They also eliminate xylene, which is a chemical from paints and glues. You can also take Dendrobium, which is an orchid with similar characteristics to this plant.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

5. Ferns – If you work with paints, ferns, glues or nail polishes, you must own this plant. It will get rid of the xylene and toluene in the air.


6. Lady Palm – It’s great for getting rid of insects. The air will be cleansed from ammonia as well.

Lady Palm

7. Philodendrons – You don’t need to take too much care of it, so it’s great for busy people. They eliminate xylene and they have uniquely colored leaves, which look great for your home’s decoration as well.


8. Massangeana Cane – It originates from Africa and it’s great for decorating your home. Also, like some of the above mentioned plants, it eliminates formaldehyde, so it makes the air healthier to breathe.

Massangeana Cane

9. Rubber Plant – It also gets rid of formaldehyde and you only need to water it, without any extra attention for it.

Rubber Plant

10. Pothos – It has golden heart-shaped leaved and it’s very easy to recognize by them. It doesn’t require much light and can tolerate cold temperatures. It also eliminates carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.


Source: World Health Guide

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