10 Signs That Indicate That you are 100% Genius and Not Lazy!

There are many different types of people out there. Some of them love the rich and are happy when they keep them selfs busy. On the other hand, there are the ones who want to lay low and watch the time pass by.

Not doing anything will absolutely make you lazy according to your close family and friends.

But the fact is that people who do not have a lot of motivation tend to be more intelligent.

If you’re one of those then it seems that this means that you are in fact a genius and not a lazy person.

Studies have shown that people who tend to talk to themselves make a better conclusion in various situations.

Furthermore, People that interact less with other people are more focused on their goals and their well-being.

If people thing you’re lazy then they are probably mistaking. The problem is that you are not inspired to do more.

Very often, lazy people avoid cleaning after themselves and they appear a bit messy. But, being messy isn’t so bad after all because it allows you to break out of tradition and find new and unconventional ways to do things.

Amazing, right?

Another habit that the so called lazy people have is Doodling. They like to draw things randomly whenever there is a peace of paper in front of them. This helps them focus even more and pay attention to details.

Many ideas that made our lives easier are sparked by lazy people. They always have the best solution to find the easiest path.

So, to make things clear lazy people are great leaders. They know when to pass the job to somebody more efficient. They also know a great deal of team work.

Source: Health Tips Portal

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