10 Things Every Husband Secretly Hates About His Wife

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There might be many things that you hate that your husband sometimes does, but did you know what are the most common things that every husband hates?

1. He hates when you’re in pain

Males often hide their feelings but most of them are really emotional no matter how they tough they want to look. One thing that hurts more then their own pain is the pain of his love. Moreover, it is important to let him help when he can that way it will make it a lot easier for him.

2. He hates to see you cry

When you cry belief or not your husband feels even more terrible. He knows how much you have on your plate and wants to reach out to you, but he doesn’t always know how. Let him know what he can do to help lighten your load. If anything, cry together – never alone.

3. He hates when you’re away from him

The reason why your husband chooses you for his wife is to spend more time with you and be together. When you’re far your husband misses you more then you think, they don’t show every male is more sentimental.

4. He hates when you don’t believe in yourself

He doesn’t want to make every decision himself that’s why he wants your confidence and to believe in yourself.

5. He hates when someone doesn’t treat you right

Husbands are usually very protective. They hate when some person takes advantage of his wife. Therefore, if somebody doesn’t respect you your husband has hurt even more then you.

6. He hates when you feel you have to become a different person in order to make him happy

Society is constantly feeding us false ideas of what the ideal wife or woman should be like. If you married the right person, he won’t expect you to live up to those fake standards. He loves you for who you are. He doesn’t want you to transform into what you think he likes – into a completely different person.

7. He hates to see you fail

Unlike anyone else your husband wants you to succeed and that is very important for him. He might sometimes be pushy but that is because he loves you.

8. He hates when you are ashamed of your body or don’t feel pretty enough

The reason why is with you is that you are beautiful to him and loves you in every way.

9. He hates when he causes your heart to break

You’re probably asking yourself, “If he hates it then why does he do it?” The truth is that most of the time he doesn’t mean to. Like every human being, he doesn’t always think before he speaks. If he does intentionally do or say something in the heat of the moment, he undoubtedly regrets it later. He knows he has your heart and the last thing he wants to do is break it.

10. He hates when you aren’t happy

The whole point of the list really is to tell you that your significant other hates it when you’re unhappy. You have promised to spend the rest of your life with someone, so don’t shut him out. Believe in him, even if he messes up sometimes. Underneath all his inabilities to communicate, he loves you and wants you to be happy.

Source: Natural House Magazine

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