10 Things That Build Trust in Your Relationship

10 Things That Build Trust in Your Relationship
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Depending on the situation or the person, the term “trust” might have different meanings. For instance, an individual with a good heart who hasn’t experienced betrayal is more likely to confide in someone who is reeling from a bad, abusive relationship.

An educational psychologist, Nan S Russel, believes that people have their own definition when it comes to trust.

According to Nan S Russel, people have a different perspective on the word trust. If you ask five different people, you will get five different definitions of trust.

There are different types of trust – self-trusts, confidence trust, leadership trust, competence trust, situational trust, relationship trust, organizational trusts, authentic trusts and basic trust.

While trust might be fluid by definition, there is one truth, and that is that specific behaviors and habits build trust much faster in comparison to others. Read on to find out more.

Here Are the 10 Things That Build Trust in Your Relationship

1. Do Your Best to Communicate Openly

Some people find it uncomfortable to be entirely honest and open. This is true in case you are a person who avoids conflicts and it is ok to feel like that.

However, you should bear in mind that open communication is much more comfortable when you define your own intentions at the start, listen carefully and act politely. Efficient communication might be the most vital aspect of creating trust.

2. Show Interest

Remember that showing interest helps reinforce trust and makes your relationship stronger. Also, showing interest is vital when it comes to keeping and developing rapport.

You can show interest in your partner by being curious and inquisitive. If your partner notices your sincerity, you will easily get his/her trust.

3. Try to Be Exemplary

The best way to establish a culture of trust is to exemplify the behavior. It is actually very simple. By making the conscious decision always to be responsible, tell the truth, refrain from gossip, and be sincere, you will show that people can trust you.

In return, you will find it easier to trust them. This is a magical cycle which works.

4. Listen Mindfully

Mindfulness is the observation without any judgment. For instance, think of all people who are the most trustworthy in your life. Well, the chances are that these people will listen to you regardless of your state of mind.

Nowadays active listening, i.e., mindfulness is rare.

5. Be More Self-Aware

The definition of self-awareness is known as conscious knowledge of your own desires, character, motives, and feelings.

According to Nan S. Russel, a behavioral psychologist, self-awareness is ”the missing ingredient” when it comes to building trust. Often people aren’t aware of the messages they send with their actions.

You aren’t able to adjust your actions to communicate your intentions without self-awareness, and you aren’t able to earn trust when you send the wrong signals.

“Trust is earned when actions meet words.” – Christ Butler

6. Keep Your Promises

Reliable, consistent and dependable behavior is the best way to earn trust from your partner. In case you make a promise, make sure to keep your word.

Most people try, but sometimes they fail to do this. You should do your best to minimize these mistakes, and that is the best way to build trust.

7. Own Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone admits them. However, if your goal is to create confidence in the relationship, then you should realize your mistakes.

8. Give Trust

Trust and commitment is a reciprocal action. In order to get trust, you must give trust.

9. Do Your Best to Resolve Conflicts Swiftly

Conflict in any degree or form is counterproductive when it comes to establishing trust. Therefore, it is vital to deal with conflicts as they occur and to do this efficiently and quickly.

There is no need to approach any conflict with the same conflict like mindset. The next time your partner gets angry just smile and nod. The response will be positive, and you will surely be surprised.

You can use this method for different situations in life such as at school, in the office, etc.

10. Teasing One Another

Don’t be too serious all the time. Couples need to know how to tease one another. You should especially know how to cheer up your partner in difficult and hard times. Even when your partner had a bad day at work, this can mean a lot.

But the key here is to know when to stop. Couples who have a healthy relationship know when to stop, but the teasing helps keeps the relationship strong.

And it builds trust. How does teasing help with this? Well, by showing that you are aware when enough is enough your partner will feel safe. Why? Because he/she will know that you try not to hurt them in any way.


Couples who can laugh together, trust one another and be honest with one another will always have a healthy and long-lasting relationship, no matter the tribulations and trials that life puts them through.

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” – George MacDonald

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