13 Style Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

As time passes by, fashion trends change and we need to adapt to them as much as we can. Surfing the Internet all the time, looking at to-shows and other sources are giving us the info of what is in and what is out at the moment.


Defying the aging process we strive for looking younger and fresher a lot of the time and we sometimes buy outfits that are not quite appropriate to our age group and are meant for the youngsters.

The result – us looking even older than we actually are!

After looking at these few mistakes we have for you, you will see the big picture and try to fix what you have been doing so far.


1. Even though black seems to be elegant, too much of it on you can make you look tired and old.
2. Your jacket should be in the right size because when it is too big it only adds years to you.
3. Wear skirts that are in the middle of your ankle tops. Everything longer makes you look like a grandma.
4. Choose a bra that is your right size.
5. Don’t buy too stretchy jeans as they are supposed to follow your own shape to make you look younger and skinnier.


6. Wear glasses but make sure they are not the nerdy type of glasses so you look more seductive and smart.
7. Avoid Jersey fabric at all times.
8. Always reveal your neck in order to look young and hip.
9. Don’t wear heels that are too high. Try to be comfortable at all times.
10. Avoid wearing a scarf if the weather outside is suitable if you want to look younger.
11. “Mom Jeans” are a big NO-NO.
12. Never wear skirts that are too short, it will only make you look slutty and vulgar and it is not appropriate for any occasion.


13. Always buy clothes in your own size, it will only do you good.

Have a nice day!

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