20 Incredible Psychology Facts You Should Know

Human psychology is very interesting and mysterious. Many things make sense, and many do not. In this article, we offer you a list of incredible psychology facts that you need to know.

1. Favorite Song

People’s favorite songs are usually related to some specific and emotional event.

2. Music Has an Impact

One study conducted by the Groningen University says that music has a big impact on people’s perception.

3. Spending Makes You Happy

Many studies say that when you spend money on others you become happier. So, make sure to give a lot of gifts during holidays and birthdays.


4. Experiences Are Better

When you spend money on experiences you are much happier than when you are spending money on stuff. Well, to be happy, you should make memories.

5. Kids Are Highly Strung

Today, are more strung than a psych ward person in the 50s. Sadly, half of the population deals with depression, substance abuse, and anxiety.

6. Religion Helps in Dealing with Stress

Individuals who practice prayers and meditation seem to be less stressed.

7. Money Buys Happiness

Average Americans need about 75,000 dollars per year in order to be happy because this amount of money lets them have what they need.

8. Happiness Comes from Happy People

When you hang out with happy people, you become a happier person. So, make sure to spend time with people who make you feel good.



9. Stress is By Your Side from 18-33

People at the age of 18 till they turn 33 are under a lot of stress because of education, family, and work.

10. You Can Trick Your Brain

Placebo sleep is possible. So, you can trick your brain that you have slept more in order to get more energy.

11. Dunning Kruger Effect

This effect is real and we see it everywhere around us. It describes a situation in which ignorant people believe they are smart, and smart people believe they do not know enough.

12. Remembering a Past Event

Interestingly, when you are remembering something that happened in the past, in fact, you are remembering the last time you remembered it. That is why our memories fade as time goes by.

13. Thinking in Another Language = Rational Decisions

One study conducted by the University of Chicago says that thinking in a foreign language made citizens of Korea have lowered overall bias.

14. Talking about Goals

Studies since the 30s have proven that when you talk about your goals you are less likely to achieve them.

15. Chocolate is Good

Why? Well, when you are in love, you release a special hormone which is also released when you are eating a chocolate. This hormone makes you alerted, excited and increases your pulse rate. So, you feel happy.


16. Hugs Release Chemicals

When you are hugging someone for at least 20 seconds, your body releases oxytocin, so you feel safe, secure, and connected to that person. This chemical lets you know that you should not worry.

17. Tired Brain is More Creative

If you want to do something creative, you should know that when you are tired, you have the biggest chances to do it. That is why we get many ideas in the shower.

18. Rejection is Painful

According to neuroscience, rejection causes pain to the brain.

19. Relationships Are Important

Researchers from the University of North Carolina revealed that relationships are more important than physical activities for a healthy life.

20. Blind People Do Not Develop Schizophrenia

Wow, this one is very interesting. There is no evidence that a blind person has ever developed schizophrenia.

Source: Real Positive Experience

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