You Probably Have 20 Lbs Colon Poison Inside – Do This To Remove It

The colon plays a huge part in the body functions. Water balance is regulated by it, your immune system is regulated too and it helps your digestion. A healthy colon is a must if you want your body to function properly.

If it’s damaged, it won’t remove the toxic waste from your body, but it will be stuck on the colon wall, thus causing a lot of health issues.


It’s been estimated that you need 24 hours for the food to be fully transited through your body. However, if you consume foods that are processed and don’t have much nutrients, enzymes and fibers, this process will take much longer, around 70 hours at most.

As a result, you will have lots of accumulated waste in your body, even up to 30 lbs.

Constipation is a sure sign that you have lots of waste in the body.

Here are some of the symptoms that indicate that you have a toxic colon:

– You will have a weak immune system, occasional skin rashes, bladder or some vaginal infections.
– Your memory will be weakened, you will feel fatigued most of the time, have mood swings and also be depressed.
– You will experience joint and muscle pain
– You will have problems with your digestion, often having diarrhea, feel constipated, bloated, feel stomach pain or indigestion.

Stanley Burroughs is an alternative health practitioner, who released a program for cleansing your body in 1940. According to this program, if you follow it closely, you will need 10-16 days to fully cleanse your body from this waste.

You will need 10 ounces of filtered water, 1/10th teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder, 2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup (grade b), and half a lemon, which is freshly squeezed.

To prepare the remedy, take all the ingredients and mix them in your blender. Make sure you take the remedy for 5-8 times a day, for 10 days minimum.

Also, consuming essential oils will help in the body detoxification process. You can create another mixture to remove the toxic waste, just take 10 drops of peppermint and lemon essential oils and a freshly squeezed organic lemon. Mix them together with 8 ounces of water and drink this mixture for 14 days at least.

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