4 major heart attack red flags you NEED to know!

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Most people are not aware that heart attacks can occur without a single warning. To put that in numbers, over 25% of the heart attacks happen silently. Dr. C. Crandall, is a cardiologist who spent many years working to prevent, reverse and minimize heart diseases.

In his research, he found out that our bodies are giving us signs minutes, days or weeks before a heart attack happen. Even in the cases of the so called, silent heart attacks.

Dr. C. Crandall says that is extremely important to recognize these signs before the heart attack occurs.

Did you know that heart failure can cause accumulation of fluid in parts of the body. Therefore, swelling in the abdomen or legs, ankles and feet occur. Moreover, some people retain so much fluid that they discover they have gained weight suddenly. When it occurs, many people lose the appetite.

Many times the victims of this stroke cough bloody phlegm or they have wheezing or nagging cough. That is because of fluid buildup in the lungs, which can be a symptom of heart failure. It is very important to pay attention to this symptom or any of the other symptoms.

Before a stroke happens, many victims experience pain in the chest, which spreads to the back, shoulders, arms and abdomen. But sometimes the pain occurs in other parts of the body, like in one of both arms or between the shoulder blades. This pain can come and go, but do not let it fool you.

Many people who experienced heart attack state that they experienced episodes of anxiety attacks just before it happens. However, anxiety attacks are quite often nowadays, but is always better to be safe than sorry.

These were the hidden signs of heart failure, but the following symptoms are the most common signs that everyone should be aware of:

-Cold sweat;
-Shortness of breath;
-Chest discomfort;

It is important to act quickly when experiencing some of the symptoms, especially if they last for more than 5-10 minutes.

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