This 46 Year Old Woman Had Hands Like A 70 Year Old And Then Her Friend Gave Her An Amazing Skin Recipe!

The skin quality of our hands depends on how well we take care of them and what kind of work we are doing. The skin of our hands is quite sensitive and it can be easily damaged. This is most common for people who smoke a lot of cigarettes and chemical exposure.

Aging of our skin not just our hands is an inevitable factor. However, we can use natural remedies to slow down this process and even restore the skin to the previous condition.

We present to you a natural solution that will make your hands young and perfect.

All it takes a little dedication and patience and the results will be vivid in no time.

Eggs – This food gives the skin more elasticity. You just need to mix an egg white with 1 tbsp. honey. Simply grease your hands and let them dry. After that just wash them with soap.

Potatoes – The potatoes can make your hands extra smooth. Boil one medium potato and then mash it. Add 2 tbsp. olive oil, milk and honey and refrigerate the mixture. Apply the mixture 3 times a day for 15 minutes. After the application time, wash your hands.

Rosehip oil – This oil is the perfect solution to make your hands elastic and strong. Massage your hands with this oil on a daily basis.

Sugar and lemon – Mix 2 tbsp. sugar with ½ lemon juice and exfoliate the hands with this mixture. After few minutes, wash your hands.

Almond oil – soak your hands in this oil and cold water for five minutes. Apply greasy cream and put on cotton gloves. This is the perfect way to make your hands soft like a baby skin.

Vaseline – Apply some Vaseline on your hands, massage them together gently and put on a pair of cotton gloves. Leave them until the next morning and when you’ll wake up your hands will be super smooth.

No nail biting – nail biting is a very bad habit. Not only will your nails look awful but also you’re ingesting all sorts of bacteria by doing this.

Protection from the cold – When is cold outside make sure you’re wearing gloves.

Source: Health Guide Genius | 9 Unknown Facts

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