BEWARE: Top 5 Potentially Cancer-Causing Children’s Snacks Made From Petroleum-Based Products

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Everywhere we turn, we see ads for food marketed by large companies. TV, the internet, magazines, radio commercials, and even video games are filled with these ads. A big part of these commercials are ads for children’s food, and it’s estimated that over $10 billion are spent on these ads yearly.

However, many of these foods contain lots of sugar and aren’t really healthy for our children. Most of these children foods have little to no nutritional value and can harm their health.

Top 5 Potentially Cancer-Causing Snacks

Also, the artificial food coloring in many of these snacks is connected to many conditions and diseases, even cancer, allergic reactions and hyperactivity. This coloring is done with the purpose for the food to be more appealing to children, and the most commonly used food dyes are yellow 5 and red 40.

These 2 colorings, along with 4 others are banned in the UK, however US companies still use them. Although the US Food and Drug Administration knows and acknowledges the fact that these dyes are dangerous for the children’s health, so far nothing was done to eliminate them from the shelves.

There are lots of products that are dangerous, however we name a few you should avoid:

Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts’ most commonly bought flavor is Frosted Strawberry and it has many dangerous ingredients, like corn syrup, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose and more, which are connected to diabetes, liver problems and sugar addiction in kids. Also, a petroleum-based product is used in Pop Tarts, TBHQ, which can cause cellular dysfunction. Researchers have experimented on laboratory animals with it and found out it’s related to vision loss, liver enlargements, paralysis, tumors and convulsions.

Fruit Snacks

Red 3 is the most popular food dye used for Fruit Snacks. It contains petroleum and even in cosmetics it has been banned, since it may cause thyroid tumors. Eating it is even more dangerous, and it’s astonishing how it hasn’t been banned yet.


Everyone loves these candies, however the most popular food dyes used for them are: Blue 1(linked to malignant tumors), Blue 2 (linked with brain tumors and hyperactivity), Red 40 (dangerous for the DNA), and Yellow 5 and 6 (connected to cancer).


It’s made from Yellow 6, and we already mentioned how it may cause cancer.

Teddy Grahams

The tiny bears contain TBHQ, which is linked to stomach cancer (it has appeared in lab rats), it may damage the DNA and our lungs and umbilical cells. Children may develop ADHD, restlessness and anxiety.

So, now you know which products you should avoid if you want your kids to be safe and healthy.

Source: David Wolfe

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