Do This For 6 Min Daily And See Belly Fat Changing

Abs and core are completely different terms. The core is basically muscles, abs, hips, back, and glutes. These few exercises can make your posture amazing, prevent injuries and remove back pain for good too.

Here are some exercises which can help you achieve that:


All it takes is three easy and simple exercises that take only five minutes each. The first one is called Skyscraper, the second is Windshield Wipers and each side requires 10 steps. The third one is called Army Crawls and requires 36 steps each.


The 4 workouts require 15 minutes each as they have to be repeated twice.
The first is called Breakdance and you do 15 steps on each side.
The second is called Skydiver and requires 30 seconds on each side.
Number three is called Dead Bug and requires 10 reps, and number four is Thread the Needle and requires 10 steps on each side.


Each exercise takes only 6 minutes and this routine consists of 4 exercises.
The first exercise is called crab kicks and you need to do 6 on each side.
The second one, Star leg raise requires 10 on each side.
Number 3 is called V-ups, also 10 for each side.

And the fourth one Over/under also requires 10 for each side.

We hope this exercises will benefit your fitness routine and help you keep a good posture, appearance, and healthy body.


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