7 Side Effects of Hair Coloring That You Must Know

Having a colored hair is a big trend and many people choose to follow this trend to be more attractive and to look more beautiful.  Even though the aesthetic benefits are big there are numerous negative side effects with regard to our health. 

The damaging effects don’t come at once but with time eventually, the hair will show how much it had suffered.


So before taking this step, it is important to understand the  side effects of hair coloring:



There are great chances of severe allergic reactions to this process. The substance is known as paraphenylenediamine or simply PPD is the key trigger of allergies. The symptoms that follow can range from itchy scalp, both of redness and swell in the scalp, mild amount of dandruff, swelling around the eyes and eyelids, as well as the scaly skin around the eyes, nose and even the face.

Brittle hair


Due to the numerous numbers of chemicals found in the hair dyes, they can reduce the moisture in the tresses and separate cuticle scales which as a result makes the hair dry and brittle.

Irritable skin

hairHair colors can cause skin reactions and irritations. Common signs are burning sensation, redness and flaky skin, discomfort and itchiness. There is a safer method which includes a patch test which is placed 48 hours before the hair coloring. Therefore, in that case, you can make sure there won’t be any allergic reaction and skin irritation.



Recent studies concluded that PPD has the ability to damage the human DNA cells and in some cases may even lead to cancer. This indication sparked a number of disagreements in the research society and therefore, the American Cancer Society firmly believes that further research must be done immediately before drawing any kind of conclusion.

On the other hand, different studies suggest that the chemical called endocrine found in hair colors can elevate the risk of breast cancer.



There are countless cases where people who received a hair dye subsequently suffered from rashes on their scalp.

At the end of the day, you have to make a decision what is more important to you and remember if you suffer any side effect make sure you visit your doctor because situations can easily become complicated.

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