No Matter What’s Happening To Your Life Right Now You Must read This Amazing Short Story!!! It Will Change Your Life!!!

Many times we’ve had the feeling of just giving up everything and quitting. One day, I’ve had the same feeling. I just wanted to get away from my relationship, my job, my spirituality and my life. So, I went to the near forest to talk to God.

First, I asked Him for a reason why I shouldn’t quit all these things. He said, “Look around you. Do you see the fern and the bamboo?” I said I see them, because I was the one who planted it years ago. I cared about them a lot, providing them with light and water so they can grow fast.

You Must read This Amazing Short Story

“Although at first nothing came out of the bamboo seed, I didn’t quit on it. The fern kept growing, but I never quit the bamboo, even after two years. Three, four years have passed and nothing came out of it.

However, in year 5, there was a tiny sprout coming out of it. The fern looked magnificent next to it, while the bamboo was small and seemingly insignificant.

However, half a year passed after the sprout emerged, and the bamboo was already over 100 feet high. During the 5 years, it grew roots and they made it strong, providing it with the tools to survive.“

God told me all of this. He added, “During your struggling, you have been growing roots as well. So, just like I never quit on the bamboo, I won’t give up on you.” I knew from that moment I shouldn’t compare myself with others, since everyone carries their own burden.

He said I will rise one day, just like the bamboo. However, how high do you think I should rise? His message was clear: like the bamboo, as high as I can.

So, if there’s anything you’re struggling with right now, stop and think about this story. Remember not to quit and just keep pushing forward!

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