This Ancient Remedy “Cures All Diseases” HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, Arthritis & More …

Nigella Sativa known as “black seed” oil is incredibly beneficial natural oil that has a wide range of uses. But, this oil became popular over the last several years and has made its mark in the medicinal world.
Namely, the black seed oil has the ability to stimulate the immune system and helps in fight against numerous diseases and ailments, as well.
Despite the fact that black cumin seeds have been mentioned in the Bible as well as spoken of by the Prophet Mohammed, and also were discovered in the Tomb of Tutankhamun, scientists conducted detailed researches about the benefits of these seeds during the last 40 years. Namely, there are more than 200 studies conducted by many scientists and universities worldwide.

Mohammed said that the black cumin could cure every disease but death itself and the famous Greek physician Dioscorides used black cumin for treatment of headaches and toothaches.
But, what makes the black cumin so powerful? It is scientifically proved that these tiny little seeds have a highly complex chemical structure that includes hundreds of chemical constituents. These seeds are a rich source of essential fatty acids.
Some of the most common uses of this oil are as natural medicine and for cooking.

When it comes to treatment of autoimmune disorders, studies showed that the black cumin seeds are superior compared to almost any other natural remedy. These disorders make the internal systems to fight itself which causes great suffering to the patient.

In combination with garlic, black seeds can be used as a harmonizer of the imbalance that makes the immune cells to attack and destroy the healthy cells.

Taking under consideration the fact that these little seeds are packed with many healing constituents and the fact that they are used since ancient times, it is no surprise why people in Asia and the Mediterranean believe that the black cumin has the ability to combat any health issue.

7 Benefits of Black Seed Oil:


Black cumin contains thymoquinone, a compound that efficiently fights against blood cancer as well as lungs, kidneys, liver, prostate, breast, cervix and skin cancer.
Due to the fact that this compound is antioxidant, it has the ability to improve the body’s defense system and induces apoptosis, including an elimination of unneeded cells and unhealthy cancer cells.

Liver Function and Health

Black seed oil is a beneficial treatment of poor liver function, which can be caused by taking various medicines (and side-effects that medicines cause), alcohol consumption or some disease. This remarkable oil improves the liver function better and in same time prevents damage and disease.


There are many separate studies which have proved that black seed oil causes gradual regeneration of pancreatic beta-cells and that actually increases the lowered insulin concentrations and decreased elevated glucose. Black seed oil is one of most effective ingredients of this planet that efficiently prevents both, diabetes type 1 and type 2.

Weight Loss

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the black seed oil helps the weight loss. Namely, this oil decreases weight gain triggers and until now this oil helped to millions of overweight people.

Hair Growth

Black seed oil definitely is magnificent oil and it is one of the most efficient hair loss treatments. The best part is that it is completely natural. Although there is no complete scientific explanation why this oil is so efficient, the experts explain that it is due to the potent antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. This oil strengthens the hair follicles, but also promotes strengthened and healthy hair roots.


This remarkable oil inhibits melanin production and that is the reason why it is so beneficial for the cells that promote healthier skin.

Superbug Infections (MRSA)

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus also known as MRSA is a severe disease that is cause for many deaths, and it can be associated with major surgery, intravenous tubing and implants of artificial joints. The black seed oil has the ability to slow down or stop MRSA from spreading too far.

Source: Healthy Food Choices

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