The Best 16 Breakfast Recipes That Can Help You Lose Weight

We all know that breakfast is really important, so you choice of this meal is vital for your health. Choosing the right foods will help you protect your health as well as lose the extra fat.

In today’s article, we give you many meals that you can prepare for breakfast that will help you lose weights. They all contain lots of fibers, proteins and nutrients as well.

The Best 16 Breakfast Recipes That Can Help You Lose Weight

Here they are:

1. Roasted egg and veggies

To prepare this meal, just put an egg in your veggies and roast them. It’s easy to make and perfect to consume. Recipe here

2. Cantaloupe and yogurt

The best option is Greek yogurt. Just combine the yogurt and fruits, however don’t consume granola’s and oats with it. You can add berries too. Recipe here

3. Overnight oat

If your belly is bloated, this meal is perfect for breakfast. Recipe here

4. Banana, almond, strawberry and yogurt

If you have a blender, you can prepare this one easily. Just put them all together and blend. You will receive 15g of protein and 350 calories with this meal. Recipe here

5. Low carb hotcake

Take flax seed and almond meal, but don’t add sugar. You will receive plenty of protein and fiber with this meal. Recipe here

6. Apple cinnamon quinoa

To prepare this recipe rich in protein and fibers, just combine raisins, almonds, apples, cinnamon or yogurt with it. Recipe here

7. Avocado egg bake

It doesn’t contain lots of sugar and has plenty of omega 3, protein and fibers. Recipe here

8. Chia gingerbread mash

This meal will help you lose weight fast, since it stops cravings. Recipe here

9. Fruit and cottage cheese

You will receive 81 calories and 14g of protein from this meal. You can put some fruits or berries too.

10. Salmon and asparagus

It contains over 10g of protein, while being low on calories. Recipe here

11. Egg white frittata

It doesn’t contain many calories and to prepare it mix onion, spinach, feta, whites and peppers. Recipe here

12. Thyme, garlic, quinoa and egg

Bake it during the night, so you can eat it next morning. You will be full of energy and consume lots of calcium with it. Recipe here

13. Tofu scramble, southwest version

Combine peppers, cilantro, cumin, onion and coriander to prepare this meal. Recipe here

14. Avocado and hard boiled egg

It’s rich in proteins and fiber, and it’s gluten free. Recipe here

15. Coconut and berry

From this meal you consume 200 calories and 20% of the recommended fiber for daily intake. Recipe here

16. Paleo bowl

This meal contains 335 calories and it’s rich in omega 3 and proteins. Recipe here

Source: Health And Healthy Living

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