What Does Your Birth Stone Say About Your Personality?

According to a story in the Bible, the high priest Aaron wore a breastplate which had twelve stones on it. Each of the stones represented a symbol for a different personality and all of the gems were related to a certain month of the year.

January is in relation with the garnet or “the guiding light”. Explorers wore garnets when exploring dangerous areas as a sort of certainty and protection. People that are born in January are sympathetic and emphatic. They know their true value but can be a bit stubborn which can get in the way of their ambitions.

February’s stone is amethyst which protects you from evil dark forces and seduction. If you are born in February you are very intelligent and kind and also a very spiritual person.

March is symbolized by the aquamarine and people born in March then to balance the physical and the spiritual inside them. They seek for peace and justice and are great travelers.

April ‘s stone is the rarest and the hardest one in the world- the diamond of course. That is the reason why people born in April are stubborn and spontaneous but are very loving and sociable too.

May’s jewel is the emerald, a gem which can do wonders for your eyesight. That doesn’t mean that people have the best vision ever but that they are focused on their ambitions and are willing to pursue their dreams. This is not always the best thing as it can ruin a relationship that was working well for them.

June is characterized by the pearl which represents an organic material. People born in June are compassionate and sensitive but also very funny and sociable. They are the best friend ever.

July’s stone is ruby and these people are very courageous and ambitious and are always on the go. They don’t have a full control of their emotions and have a hard time making friends, but once they do it, they develop a strong connection.

August is linked to the Sun. People born in this month tend to glow and spark at any time. They cheer up people even in hardest times.

September’s stone is sapphire and people born in September often have a hard time trusting others. They are very calm and always have the right thing to say and have the best memory ever.

The stone for October is opal. These people are very sociable, communicative and creative and always know how to get rid of boredom in many fun ways. They are forgivers and have a good heart.

November’s stone is topaz which brings good luck. People born in November are very lucky and love spending time with others as well as sharing. They are the most radiant and joyful people that exist.

December is linked to turquoise and people born In December are truly one of a kind. They are wise and intelligent and protect the ones they love and care about.

Source: Natural Healthy Ways

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