These Bugs Reside In Your Bed and Harm Your Lungs and Back While You Sleep – Learn How to Kill Them Quickly, Easily and Naturally!

Since we were kids, our parents used to teach us to make our beds, first thing in the morning after getting up. However, advanced researches have shown that there are some downfalls to this.

Why? Well, in the process, you make millions of dust mites go in the sheets, trapping them there. These bacteria can be quite harmful, some even causing asthma or allergies.

So, should we not make our bed in the morning? Yes, because that way the bacteria is exposed to sunlight and fresh air, which kills them. When we sleep, we sweat. The bacteria feed on it.

It’s been proven that we usually sweat around 1 liter of fluids during the night.

Another research has shown that there are average 1.5 million dust mites that live in the bed. So, we can’t really destroy them and their existence, that is not the main issue. The problem is what they leave behind them, or their excretions, which can cause asthma and allergies.

The director of the cleaning lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, Carolyn Forte, says that we shouldn’t make the bed immediately after getting up, so that there is time for the sheets to dry.

Moreover, this way the bacteria would be exposed to sunlight and fresh air for a period of time. So, in that kind of environment the bacteria will automatically die.

The best way to deal with your bed, is to leave it leave it unmade for some time. For example, have a breakfast first before making your bed. Also, make sure you regular change the sheets.

It is of great importance to make your sleeping environment clean and comfortable. You are spending around 8 hours every night there!

Source: Health Tips Portal

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