The Cancer Dies When You Eat These 5 Foods. It’s Time To Start Eating Them!

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Angiogenesis leads to the creation of blood vessels and as we are growing and getting older our bodies are repairing them by itself.

This, however, is carcinogenic in some cases, therefore there are certain foods that should be consumed in order to take some anti-angiogenesis properties and help you fight or prevent cancer like:

Blueberries and raspberries: Besides having amazing antioxidant properties, phytochemicals in blueberries and raspberries are able to help the fight with cancer.

Coffee and green tea: These two hot drinks have cancer-fighting agents, so you can improve your health while enjoying the two beverages.


Dark chocolate: Especially good for the health of your heart but for fighting cancer too!

Tomato: A study not so long ago has proven that eating tomatoes more regularly is able to reduce the chance of prostate cancer by 50%, and cooked tomatoes help you fight cancer completely.

Turmeric: One of the greatest superfoods of all times, turmeric is very potent in fighting cancer.

Source: Organic And Healthy

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