Disturbing – Researchers Finally Confirm That Cancer Is A Purely Man-Made Disease

Cancer maybe is a disease made by men, claimed by some scientific studies. The University of Manchester and some of its researchers think that cancer is a result of the modern way of life. It is not caused by the natural things.

There are more and more people with cancer and in the UK there is an epidemic of it. Every year around 150 000 people lose their life from it and it’s predicted that in the future one in three people will get cancer. Very disturbing.

Researchers Finally Confirm That Cancer Is A Purely ManMade Disease

Mummies were used for the research and also fossils too. Literature was included too. The researchers think that cancer and its diagnosis is caused by the way the modern people live.

Before the industrial revolution, the cancer was rare. The air, water, and food are polluted and cause problems. People don’t move enough and make the problems worse.

The research included thousands of mummies and tissue samples were taken from them that showed that cancer was rare.

Some people think that the reason for that was the short lifespan of the people then. The claim is that the mummies were too young to develop cancer.

The researchers think that that claim is false because other diseases were found in the mummies, like brittle bones and clothing of arteries.

The question can be asked, why the cancer was rare then? Rosalie David, a professor, thinks that the cancer is the second most prevalent disease in the modern age, and only the cardiovascular problems are before it. He claims that in nature there aren’t things that cause cancer and that the pollution, the lifestyle and the food are causing it.

The researchers claim that studies with a lot of data are important because they provide data about cancer that goes through the millennia. The data gives important information to the researchers.

Michael Zimmerman, the leader of the research, thinks that in Egypt in those times there weren’t surgical procedures and that they couldn’t remove cancer.

Cancer would have been found in more mummies if it was more spread, however, they found nothing.

Source: Science Punch

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