Don’t Ignore These 6 Signs Of A Hormonal Imbalance

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These days hormonal imbalances are quite common and they can be a very unpleasant issue. They can develop a lot of frustrations, strange emotions or even fear for no reason, and nobody would believe or think that these are all symptoms of our hormones. The hormonal balance in our body plays one of the most important roles, they are vital to our mood, health, fertility etc.

Many factors can affect our hormonal balance. Mostly the hormonal imbalance occurs in the menopause period, puberty, or perimenopause, but these things are not the only ones that are able to cause hormonal imbalances, also things like the following are able to provide that: improper lifestyle habits, contraceptive pills, menstrual cycle, stress and even pregnancy.

The person who is experiencing some mood swings, due to hormonal imbalance, are also affecting the people around him in a negative way. So to prevent these situations and issues, you need to know how and when to diagnose the hormonal imbalances over time.


Mood Swings

One of the most regular symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances are the mood swings. Feeling happiness, madness or sometimes even anger and all of these feelings for no reason. Mostly these symptoms appear during a menstrual cycle, also they can occur during the menopause, but the feelings are not very intense at that time.

Constant Hunger

Gaining weight unexplained, constantly feeling hunger, always having food cravings are all results of hormonal imbalances. Mostly if a person has a hormonal imbalance in his organism, he will mostly be craving for sugar. This is happening because the levels of ghrelin hormone are higher than they should be, and this hormone is the one that stimulates and rises our appetite.

Libido Loss

Your sex drive may be decreased due to a hormonal imbalance because the hormones that are produced for the thyroid, feminine libido, estrogen, and testosterone are becoming imbalanced. Also, the imbalance of these hormones may lead to dryness in the vagina, which can make the sexual intercourse very painful and unpleasant.


Feeling fatigued all the time will also be followed by feeling tired most of the time, and all of this may be caused because of too much cortisol in our body. The cortisol is the hormone that regulates our stress.


Many sleeping difficulties may occur, due to hormonal imbalances. Most commonly they occur right after the menopause, which is between 2 and 4 in the morning.

These imbalanced levels can also cause a lot of sweating during your sleep. If your cortisol levels are higher than average, and the levels of estrogen and progesterone are lower than the average, you will not be able to get a good rest while sleeping.

Constant Weight Gain

If you are living a healthy life, you are exercising, also you are on a very healthy diet, and you constantly keep gaining weight it may be caused by some hormonal imbalances. When the hormonal levels are at their normal, the weight gaining is regulated by our metabolism.

But if there has been some imbalance in your hormones, your body will not be able to produce or burn all of the fat and calories that you consume. Therefore you will start to gain a lot of fat, and weight losing will not be able. Mostly fat is accumulated in the abdominal area, because your body has more cortisol and estrogen than average.


Source: Healthy Organic Earth

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