Eliminate Mold Forever by Spraying This Oil

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Mold is an ugly and unhealthy sight to have in your homes so we have decided to give you a homemade solution in the form of a spray to get rid of it for good.

The key is Tea Tree Oil! An ancient substance used in all of the healing processes due to the antiseptic characteristics it has and the fact that it is hundred times stronger than the actual carbolic acid.

Here is how you can get rid of mold as soon as possible:


• Tea tree oil- 2 teaspoons
• Water- 2 cups
• Spray bottle-1


Mix the water and tea tree oil and put the mixture in the spray bottle. Then, simply spray the areas where mold has appeared and leave it to dry off.

Wipe everything off with a towel. See the magic happen before your eyes!

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Source: Our Healthy Corner | Health Spirit Body | Home Remedy Hacks

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