Even Doctors Are Stunned By This Cure

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There is a remedy that the Yunani and Ayuverda have used traditionally for many centuries. It’s a mixture of honey and cinnamon, and it has been used to treat numerous diseases and conditions.

The best thing about it is that there are no negative effects from its usage. Diabetics can use it too, however in lower doses. Pasteurized honey should be avoided, however and always buy organic honey.

It’s recommended that you fill a cup with warm water and add a dash of cinnamon, along with a tsp of honey, if you suffer from chronic pain. 73 out of 200 participants in a study had their pain relieved when they consumed this remedy before their meals. And surprisingly, the people who were immobile slowly started to move.

Here are some conditions and diseases that can be treated with this combination:

Consuming it before eating will help you prevent overeating, as well as improve your digestion.

People who have low energy will benefit from this remedy. Older people too, since they need sugar to function properly.

Lowers Cholesterol
2 tbsp of honey and 3 tsp of cinnamon will reduce your cholesterol levels by up to 10% in just a couple of hours.

Boosts immunity
There is lots of honey in iron and vitamins, so drinking this mixture will help you eliminate bacteria, as well as improve the white blood cells.

Upset belly
The combination will treat ulcers as well as an upset stomach.

Put ¼ tsp in a cup of warm water and consume it for 3 days if you suffer from sinsutitis or cold.
Cardiovascular problems

Since this remedy regulates the cholesterol levels, it lowers the risk of heart attack as well. Also, your arteries will be healthier and your breathing better. Clogged arteries and spider veins are treated in nursing homes in the USA and Canada with this combination.

Hair loss
Mix a tsp of cinnamon and a tbsp of honey with some olive oil and just before you take a shower, put it on your scalp. Leave it for around 15 minutes.

Some other conditions that can be treated with this amazing remedy are: Bladder infections, tooth pain, bad breath, gasses, flu, bug bites, hearing issues, pimples and skin infections. Also, experts claim that it can lead to longevity.

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Source: Healthy Food House For Healhty Lifestyle

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