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Many women throw their bras away before they are worn out. The biggest issue with most bras is that they can be uncomfortable, since they have wires come out. The same bras cannot be worn without wires, because the support is not the same.

Women try a lot of things to avoid this problem, but there is a simple trick that will help you overcome it. You need to find a sanitary towel and cut it into smaller pieces. Then, put them over the end of the wire. As a result, it won’t poke out.

Also, you can take some heavy fabric (denim for example) and put it on the ends of the wire. Then, use a glue gun and glue it in place.

There are also more uses for them, for example:

For covering and protection of wounds – Sanitary pads are great to stop a bleeding wound and act like a band-aid. The plus is that you can cut a piece of the pad with the size you need. Then, put it on the wound. Also, you can put some medicated ointments to prevent a potential infection.

Breast pad – If you have a baby that you breastfeed, sanitary pads are excellent for you. For example, if the milk sprays out of the breast suddenly and uncontrollably, you can use these pads.

Sweat controlling – They can be used as a deodorizing shoe pads. Just put them in your shoes before you put them on and the odor will be gone. They can also be put on the armpits, all you need to do is put them under your shirt on your armpits. When they are wet, take new ones. And if you’re doing some exercising, they can be used as headbands as well, so that you won’t get sweat in your eyes.

For growing sprouts – Sanitary pads are excellent for moisture retaining, so take a pad and just dip it in water, then put it in a glass container. Put the seeds of the plant you want to grow and it’s best that you put this jar near some window.

For cleaning – If you spilled some liquid, you can clean it with these pads. Also, you can clean your microwave, just dip a pad into water and wipe the microwave. This will result in soften the things that are stuck on the microwave walls. You can clean your fridge too, if you have some melted ice cream stuck inside it. However, napkins that contain baking soda are the best for cleaning these things. Also, the fridge will be deodorized as well after cleaning it.

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