An Experienced Butcher Admits: “When We See Cancer Growths In The Pork, We Just Cut It And Sell It To Customers

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What has shocked lately is that the body parts of the animals that we choose to eat are littered with tumors of cancer and that one butcher recognizes that when they see cancer they only cut it off and sell it, first to save money, and also because customers do not see the whole animal corpse.

So lately, a butcher has shocked the Internet, saying that when faced with cancer in pig corpses , he and many other butchers cut them and put them on sale as normal, which means if you are still eating parts of an animal body from your local supermarket and a restaurant, you may want to re-examine the choice you make.

So we can say that the only way to be 100% sure of what you eat is by raising your food and eating only at home, but this is more difficult if you eat animals and live in the city.

We know that animal protein is the most expensive part of a person’s meal, but many doctors nowadays suggest that we can get more than enough from plants, so today we are lucky to have alternatives to animals that you should never worry about eating carcinogenic parts of the body of the pigs.

Obviously buying parts of an animal body directly from a butcher, as you can see, is not synonymous with quality products and as this particular butcher is open to the process through which the animal passes through the sale.

Of course, it is more than obvious that the butcher will not throw it whole corpse, just because there is a problem with one part of the body, because they are in the money making business.


However, there are no laws that oblige butchers to tell clients about the cancer growth in the animals they eat. But, however, this announcement will come as an additional blow to eating animals that saw their diet falls in recent years because of the increase in veganism or the acceptance of people who refrain from eating animals, usually saying they only do it because it makes sense and they feel much better when choosing a diet based on plant products.

But a recent study in the United States caused some worrying statistics about animal parts sold and packaged in the country, as it was found that hot dogs contain traces of horses, and it was also shown that both meat and veggie hot dogs were found to have human DNA.
So if eating a factory farmed animal is not good for your health, imagine processed products such as sausages and hot dogs, because the industry can throw whatever they want inside, because herbs, aromas, and salt will take away the unpleasant taste.

Source: EWAO

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