Find Out What The Shape Of Your Fingers Is Saying About You

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Did you know that your fingers, specifically their length and shape tell a lot about you? So, if you are interested in finding out what kind of a person are you, observe at least one finger closely and choose which form soothes you best.

1. Finger Type A

You are a closed person and you feel a certain melancholy. You seem stronger than you are truly and more independent even though that is not quite true. You tend to hide your emotions as much as you can and you are cold towards people that you don’t know very well. You despise liars, deceitful people, and hypocrisy. You can be a bit arrogant but you have a big heart and are very ambitious in achieving your goals. You love to smile and laugh a lot.

2.Finger type B

You are very loyal and devoted to the person you love and care about. You are not very talkative but you always finish the task that you have started. You like to overthink when you are alone and even though you think you are fine most of the time you are not. You have a very soft heart and get hurt easily but don’t let others see or feel the pain you are going through. You have a vivid imagination and always dream of a love that is above all others. You are calm in every situation.

3. Finger type C

You are respectful towards what other people have to say. You tend to be trustworthy and loyal to people around you and that fulfills you entirely. You are very sensitive and prefer not to be challenged and you can get a bit afraid of the unknown which is not very comfortable for you. You are a forgiver and you have a big heart that gets hurt easily. You can get a bit egoistic which can make you unbearable at times, however, you are mostly the one apologizing first after a big fight. You think it is best to hide your feelings and solve your issues alone and that is not always the best way to go.

So what is the shape of your fingers?

Source: Healthy Cures

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