Four-Minutes-A-Day Exercises Yield Results In Less Than A Month

If you are not satisfied with your body and don’t have time to visit the gym then you came to the right place. We present you an incredible exercise that won’t takes much of your time and will give you the maximum results in just only 28 days.

Planks are usually considered to be easy and not very important to people who don’t understand the exercising techniques. but if you are one of them you are terribly wrong and you have never really tried them.

This simple exercise will strengthen your core and will activate muscles that you didn’t know they existed. Even though it sounds simple it is very hard to exercise and that’s why it needs to be done slowly and patiently.

Gradually but gradually, you will increase your endurance till you can do the plank for four minutes!

Here is the simple program that you need to guide yourself:

  • Day 1 20 seconds
  • Day 2 20 seconds
  • Day 3 30 seconds
  • Day 4 30 seconds
  • Day 5 40 seconds
  • Day 6 Rest
  • Day 7 45 seconds
  • Day 8 45 seconds
  • Day 9 60 seconds
  • Day 10 One Minute
  • Day 11 60 seconds
  • Day 12 90 seconds
  • Day 13 Rest
  • Day 14 90 seconds
  • Day 15 90 seconds
  • Day 16 120 seconds
  • Day 17 120 seconds
  • Day 18 150 seconds
  • Day 19 Rest
  • Day 20 150 seconds
  • Day 21 150 seconds
  • Day 22 180 seconds
  • Day 23 180 seconds
  • Day 24 210 seconds
  • Day 25 Rest
  • Day 26 210 seconds
  • Day 27 240 seconds
  • Day 28 As long as you can!

Note: it is extremely important to do the planks correctly so you will get the maximum results and won’t hurt yourself.

When you’ll be doing this exercise ensure that your hands are positioned correctly. Elbows are straight under the shoulders to make sure appropriate weight distribution. The spine needs to remain straight.

Prevent rounding and excessive pressure on the neck and back and keep your legs slightly apart. Also, make sure you are taking deep and slow breaths.

You can continue to do this exercise after the four weeks trail for more results. Remeber consistency is the key, get out there and have the body that you always dreamed of.

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Source: The Health Awareness | Gym Buddy Now

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