Fukushima Plant Set to Release 770,000 tons of Highly Radioactive Water Material into Ocean

A huge amount of radioactive waste is just about to be thrown in the Pacific even though there are existing worldwide concerns over pollution.

Around 300 tons are already dumped into this ocean every day so this act would only make things worse.

The fisherman in Japan says that the ocean is already destroyed as it is, its form and inhabitants are endangered, despite the claims of Tepco (Tokyo Electric Power Co.) that this act would not damage the ocean further.

The fishing industry has taken a hit by the behavior of large companies and factories that care little about the environment.

Even though Tepco claims that the waste is “filtered out” before thrown into the ocean, they seem to be unaware of the chemical Tritium which is largely contained.

The anti-nuclear campaigner with Kyoto-based Green Action Japan, Aileen Mioko Smith says that: “This accident happened more than six years ago, and the authorities should have been able to devise a way to remove the tritium instead of simply announcing that they are going to dump it into the ocean.”

This only proves the lack of care for the oceans and how unconscious are all of those who contribute to this act.

From thebigwobble:

“50,000 trillion Becquerel’s of radiation leaked: 300 tons of radioactive water leaking daily into the Pacific and no known technology to fix it, so you can imagine the anger by local residents, environmental groups and fishermen as Tokyo Electric Power Co., TEPCO, the operator of the Fukushima plant announced they are set to release more radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean.
Around 770,000 tons of highly radioactive water is being stored in 580 tanks at the site. Many of the contaminants can be filtered out, but the technology does not presently exist to remove tritium from the water. Tepco says tritium poses little risk to human health and is quickly diluted by the ocean.”

They say that the ocean is large enough that the chemical waste ‘won’t make a difference’, does that sound like something a company that cares about planet earth would say?

Source: Live The Organic Dream

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