How To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight? (Naturally And Fast)

It’s always annoying when pimples appear on your body or face. Sometimes it seems you can’t get rid of them at all! However, with applying the information from this article they will disappear in no time. There are a lot of natural remedies to get rid of pimples and we’re going to show you some of them.

1. Tea tree oil

Using this oil will help you defeat the bacteria and destroy the microscopic organism from which the pimples originate. Your pores will also be unclogged and your redness and inflammation will be treated. How to prepare this remedy? Simply add 1 drop of this oil to 9 drops of water, then put it on the area with pimples.

First, you need to wash your face and dry it, then place the diluted oil, but with a cotton ball soaked in the tea tree oil. Wait 15-20 minutes, then wash again. Aloe Vera can also be mixed with this oil.

2. Baking soda

Although baking soda can be used as a natural remedy for many treatments, it can also be used with pimples. Also, if you have sensitive skin, you could use it too.

First, you need to prepare a paste, mixing a couple of drops of water with baking soda. After you do this, wash your face and place the paste on it. Then leave it there for half an hour, until it’s dry. Wash it off with warm water and use moisturizing cream.

3. Cucumber

A lot of vitamins can be found in this vegetable, for example, vitamin A, E, C, along with many minerals. It affects the skin in a way that it soothes and cools it off. For pimples, first cut 1-2 cucumbers and put them in water for 1 hour to soak. Then, the water needs to be strained and you should wash your face with it. Also, a mask can be made by grinding a cool cucumber. If you decide to make one, leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes and use lukewarm water to rinse it.

4. Orange peel

Cosmetic Dermatologist Principles and Practice say that the vitamin C found in oranges is a great remedy for pimples and acne. To use it, first you need to enlarge the pores by washing your face. Then, take the orange peel and rub it on the affected areas with pimples. However, you should use a different peel for the pimples, since using just one on every pimple will spread the infection.

When you take the peel off, you should soak a cotton ball with some orange juice and place in on the areas for 15-30 minutes.

After the remedy, your face should be washed with cool water. Also note that if there is any itching or burning, the face should be washed immediately.

5. Peppermint

This herb has powerful antiviral and antibacterial effect on pimples. It also soothes and cools irritation and redness. To use it, first smash the leaves of the herb and put the juice on the infected areas. Leave it like that for 10 minutes, then wash your face. Use cold water. There is also a useful peppermint oil, which you can use and put 2-3 drops of it on the pimples.

6. Toothpaste

Another good way to get rid of pimples is toothpaste. After your face is washed, put some white toothpaste on the pimples. Apply it before going to bed and leave on for the night. After you get up, use cool water to wash your face. If your skin is sensitive, you should try a different treatment, since it can damage it.

7. Lemon juice

To use this remedy, take a cotton swab and dip it in fresh lemon juice 1 hour before going to bed. Just before you go to sleep, wash it off and use some moisturizing cream. If there is a burning sensation, you should wash your face as quickly as possible. This is another treatment that should not be used by people with sensitive skin, since it can cause damage to your skin, along with irritation, dryness, redness etc.

8. Ice

A very quick relief can be produced with this remedy. Simply wrapping up some ice and putting it in a cloth, then applying it on your pimples for a couple of minutes should do the trick.

9. Honey

Honey has also a lot of antibiotic properties. Also, it prevents skin damage. Just take some honey and place it on the infected areas, leaving it there for 1 hour. Wash it off with warm water.

10. Aspirin

To prepare this remedy, just smash a couple of tablets of aspirin and put them in a few drops of water. This will make a paste, which should then be placed on your pimples. Let it stay there for a few minutes. Inflammation and swelling will be reduced and if you use this treatment before going to bed, the next morning the pimples will be smaller.

11. Cinnamon and honey

Prepare a paste from these 2 ingredients. Then, wash your face and place it on your infected areas before going to bed. Let it stay for the night, then remove it in the morning.

12. Green tea

Green tea contains an antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, which is a great pimple destroyer. Boil some water in a cup, then put a couple of green tea leaves inside. Leave it like that for 5-10 minutes and wash your face when it’s ready. Take a cotton ball and soak it with the green tea, applying it on your face and leaving it on for 10-15 minutes. After it’s done, clean your face.

13. Garlic

To use the garlic remedy, first you need to dilute it. Mix a few drops of water with some garlic clove juice. You can also use aloe Vera with this treatment.

14. Steam

Using steam is great because it instantly opens the pores. Simply boil some water in a pot or some other container, then put your face over it while it’s hot and this steaming will open the pores. After you’re done, use warm water to clean your face and put some moisturizing cream.

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