Here Is What Happens When You Drink Water On An Empty Stomach

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Did you know that drinking water on an empty stomach is very good for you? People in Japan tend to do this every morning as they are aware of all the benefits it brings to them.

It helps in the treatment of various diseases like diabetes, bronchitis, blood fat, sore throat, piles, kidney failure, vomiting, asthma, meningitis, diarrhea, gastritis, bronchitis, epilepsy, eye diseases, constipation, aches in the body as well as headaches.

The secret is to drink 4 glasses of water as soon as you open your eyes and just before you brush your teeth.

Make sure not to drink more water in the next 45 minutes. Half an hour before you eat a meal, drink one glass of water to digest better but never drink water as soon as you have finished a meal as it will dilute the digestive liquids. A glass of water is allowed one hour after the meal so it the nutrients will be better absorbed.
The Elderly shouldn’t drink 4 glasses every morning. Instead, they should adopt the consumption according to their possibilities. Start practicing this method as soon as you can and you will notice how much more energized you are feeling and how the processes in your system are happening in a faster and more efficient manner.

How Often You Should Drink Water On An Empty Stomach

According to the Japanese tradition, the practice of drinking water on an empty stomach should be done regularly and different time frames are predicted to treat, improve or control different conditions:

High blood pressure – 30 days
Diabetes – 30 days
Gastritis – 10 days
Constipation – 10 days
Tuberculosis – 90 days

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