Smart Beauty Tricks That Will Help You Look Gorgeous Every Day

Every girl wants to look perfect no matter what the occasion is. However often lack of time is a problem for many girls out there.

If you are one of those, you will find this article very helpful

1. Add a few drops of essential oil of cinnamon or peppermint in the lip balm and they will immediately become brighter and more fulfilled.

2. Coconut and olive oil are great for removing waterproof makeup.


3. To visually raise the eyebrows and eyelids, apply highlighter above the eyebrows and forehead, gently spread it on your forehead.

4. For clean and smooth skin, mix one tablespoon of baking soda in a gel cleanser. Apply it to the face, then gently massage it for a few seconds and finally rinse it out. Repeat this process 2-3 times a week.

5. When you notice that your favorite mascara starts to dry add a few drops of saline solution or put it in hot water for 5 minutes (make sure is closed when you do that).

6. If you cannot open the bottle the nail polisher, place it for a few minutes in hot water.

7. Fold your hair and with scissors cut all cracked peaks of your hair. This way you will refresh the hair without ever going to the salon.

8. Spray a little hairspray on an old clean brush of mascara and comb your eyebrows. You will notice that they will not be displaced during the whole day.

9. Baby powder is a great way to refresh your hair if you do not have time to wash it.

10. Apply a little face cream on the tips of your hair before going to bed and the next day they will be soft and fluffy.

11. Heat eyelash curler with a hairdryer to get the perfect eyelashes.


12. Apply Vaseline or liquid white glue (which can be easily peeled) on my toes when waxing it will be easier to remove excess polish on your toes.

13. Apply a little Vaseline on areas where spraying perfume that way it will last longer.

14. Soak cotton wool in eyedrops and leave it for 20 minutes in the refrigerator. Apply it to places where you have pimples firmly pressing a few minutes. In short time the redness will disappear and become unnoticeable.

15. Dissolve 2 pills of Aspirin 1, vitamin A capsule, 1 tablespoon sea salt and some vegetable oil in 200 ml of water. Put your hands in the bowl with the mixture for about 10 minutes and then wipe them with a paper towel.



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