It Is So Simple To Detect a Selfish Person, Just Look At Their Teeth!

You can find out if someone is selfish by the look of their teeth. You don’t need to talk to them to know more about them.

Pay attention to the incisions when they laugh or chat. You can also show them what you are like when you do those things too.

1. Square – if the shape of the front teeth is square, you are maybe a self-controlled person that can restrain his emotions. Your quiet and restrained personality can be mistaken for you being remote and indifferent.

Square teeth

2. Oval – it can be a sign of creative or artistic abilities. You can also see how other people feel because you are emphatic. You can have problems to stay concentrated because you can get lost in your thoughts.

Oval teeth

3. Triangular – you are active, without care and optimistic. You are maybe afraid of being alone.

Triangular teeth

4. Rectangular – the two front teeth being rectangular is a sign that you are a boss. You decide things fast and you have qualities for leadership. You have a determination and you go after the goals in your life. However, because you are concentrated on yourself, people can think that you are selfish.

Rectangular teeth

If you are surprised, then you found out that you can use the teeth for other things than smiling and eating. They can show a lot about us.

The Greek father of medicine, Hippocrates, developed a theory about four types of temperaments and this classification can be connected to them. You can test the theory on your friends.

Source: Consaludyvida

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