Do You Know the Danger of Turning on the A/C After Starting the Engine

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It’s all very well known to us that when it’s warm outside, what’s the first thing we do when we climb into our car? Like most of us, when you start your car, then you will immediately turn on the A/C in full blast and this is something that can lead to problems.

The Safe Method of Turning On the A/C

When you enter the car, the first thing to do is open the windows and then let your engine go for 2 minutes, then turn on your A / C.
It’s easier to say than to do because most of us do it automatically without thinking, but now that you have awareness of the dangerous chemical that can emit it, the brain can start learning a new trick.

But believe it or not, even when we park the car in the shade, 400-800 mg of benzene is built in the car while you are gone, and if your car remains in the sun, this number can be increased to 2000-4000 mg (40x more dangerous than what is legally allowed).

You can even notice that most car manuals even tell you to open the windows first before turning on the A / C, and they just do not explain why, because if they did, we would certainly freak out.

So, why the wait?

It is known that the car’s board, seats, and virtually all plastic items in your car emit a benzene, a known carcinogen that causes cancer, that is, the re-exposure of this substance is associated with cancer, especially with leukemia.

In scientific studies being conducted, acute myeloid leukemia (AML) have exceptionally higher rates among workers exposed to high levels of benzene, and jobs in petroleum refining industries are a great example of this.

Process of Benzene Emission

What happens when you turn on the air conditioner is that the whole air that is heated is to be discharged from the air conditioning before cooler air comes out, so guess what comes out with the heated air? Normally, a flood of built-up benzene.

So it’s time to try out new good habits, and here’s the deal, so failing to do this once in a while will certainly not kill you, so do not trip, but adopting newer, healthier practices across your lifestyle, add up and have an accumulative effect.

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