“Milk Does The Body Good” Is The Biggest Lie Ever And How Big Government Helps Big Dairy Sell Milk

Making your kids drink milk may be actually more harmful than you ever thought.

Over the last five or six decades, the milk industry has brainwashed all of us by implying that milk is good for the body, it helps in building healthy and strong bone structure (due to its intake of calcium) and this is actually a myth.

There are plenty other everyday groceries that you can eat in order to get enough calcium like broccoli for instance, but milk is still the most advertised product of all. The milk industry is a big business and it is constantly growing.

We wonder why there aren’t any advertisements that encourage children to eat broccoli just yet?

Simple answer-there isn’t much profit in the vegetable industry, so why even bother?

Cows which are being milked every day are full of hormones and chemicals which are all contained in the milk we buy every day.

The industry is actually aware of the fact that they are selling you literally a contaminated product.

Not only this product is contaminated, but it is believed that it destroys the bones rather than helping their growth and healthy development.

A study by the Swedish University Uppsala has shown that people drinking more milk show increased mortality and tendency to break their bones more often.

Watch the video below to find out how milk is cleverly marked to the masses:

Source: Live The Organic Dream


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