Mom Delivers Healthy Baby, But Doctors Take One Look At Her Placenta And Leave It Inside Her

Mom Delivers Healthy Baby, But Doctors Take One Look At Her Placenta And Leave It Inside Her

When Kristen Terlizzi was 28 weeks pregnant, she visited her doctor to her surprise to find out that the ultrasound images were looking abnormal. The doctor concluded that there is no visible separation between her placenta, uterus, and bladder.

They find out that Kristen was suffering from a condition called placenta percent.

Namely, the placenta invades the uterine wall and potentially other vital organs.

She didn’t have much choice but to put her trust in Stanford Health Care Center. She had a team of 30 multidisciplinary surgeons and nurses working to help her get her son to be safely delivered.

When the doctors conducted the first operation, they realized that the condition is much worse than they previously expected. She was in danger of infection and spontaneous hemorrhaging.

The doctors didn’t have any choice but to abort the operation and close her up with the entire placenta untouched but the baby was safely delivered.

In the next few days she was transferred from a hospital wing to the next, By then she hadn’t yes saw her baby, Leo. The staff was working extremely hard to reunite the worried mom with her newborn baby. However, the medical nightmare was not even close to the end.

After some tests, the doctors find out that Kristen was approaching liver failure. When Leo was seven weeks, Kristen underwent trough a major emergency operation.

After a great struggle and extremely hard operations, Kristen managed to recover and get well.

After she recovered, she decided to become a Stanford Hospital volunteer. “I felt like I had this team of advisors, this team of people rooting for me, she said. “It’s the human experiences that really leave me in awe.”

She is now a patient advocate in the same hospital where she helps in the field of maternal health and patient safety. Moreover, she speaks to groups across the country about the condition “placenta accreta” and about the importance of blood donation.

The story of Kristen and her son Leo is truly touching and inspiring.

Just amazing.

Source:Little Things | Bloodcenter Blog Stanford Edu

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