Note It Before It Is Erased! Doctor Shows How To Remove All The Liver Fat In A Few Days!

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Most of the time our health is in our hands, depending on our lifestyle like food and sleep which are directly connected with liver causing a disease called fatty liver.

Nowadays this health condition is very common and is actually a state of having lots of fat accumulated in the liver.

Common symptoms and signs of this condition are feeling full too long, extreme fatigue, pain in the upper middle part on the right side of the abdomen and tiredness. However, it is not rare for this condition to go by without any symptoms.

There are natural ways to prevent and treat this condition. In today’s article, we give you the best 2 recipes. We assure you that when you use it, you will get a healthy and healthy liver in a very short time.



Lemons (2 units)
Medium beets (2 units)
Mineral water (2 cups)


It is important to wash the beets thoroughly because you won’t has to peel their skin. Cut them and add them in a blender. Next, add the water and lemon and blend well. Don’t add any sugar.

Consume the remedy for 7 days continuously, times a day. This juice will cleanse all the toxins and harmful materials from the system and will purify the liver. Moreover, it will prevent accumulation of fat in that organ.



Olive oil (8 grams)
Ground ginger (5 grams)
Infusion of herbs
Apple juice (2 cups)
Lemons (2 units)
Parsley juice (500 ml)
Garlic (¬Ĺ tooth)


As for the last reply add all of the ingredients in a blender and blend for several minutes until you get a nice homogenous substance.

Consume the mixture slowly. Repeat the process for 5 days and drink it 2 hours before each meal,

If you have fatty liver or just wanna do a regular cleansing try out these methods and we promise you won’t regreded. The effects will be vivid after the treatment.

Source: Healthy  Food Choices 365

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