Oncologist Makes Ground-Breaking Discovery: How To Cure Cancer With Baking Soda

Tulio Simonchini is a medical expert from Rome who says that Candida albicans fungus is the reason for cancer. Furthermore, he claims that the Candida can be cured thanks to the effects of the baking soda!

Dr. Simonchini:

“Cancer is a fungus, its name is Candida albicans and  the cure for this condition is sodium bicarbonate.”
The treatment is easy and simple and according to the doctor, the alkalinization of the tumors by using a baking soda makes this process possible. That is because it is effective in fighting Candida fungus. By eliminating the Candida fungus, the cancer will vanish as well..

He based this theory on 4 elements:

– Acidic bodies and their connection with cancer and health problems.

– You can alkalize your body with sodium bicarbonate due to the antacid properties. It is cheap and available.

– The location of the beneficial bacteria is in the intestine. It directs 85% of the immunoreactions to release cancer fighting substances. Substances such as folic acid, biotin, and vitamins K and B12 from the food that we consume. This makes the cancer cells destroy themselves through a compound known as sodium butyrate. When the acidity levels in the gut are raised, then the beneficial bacteria are compromised. The beneficial bacteria are the first line of defense. They also digest microbes, fungus and yeast.

Candida and cancer

Candida requires a lot of oxygen to have an energy. When it colonizes a different part of your body, it reduces the oxygen levels. Moreover, it changes the cells’ energy generation into a system that doesn’t use oxygen. This was discovered by Dr. Otto H. Warburg a Nobel Prize winner in 1931.

Candida A. enters your bloodstream and leaves your intestine. But it can be eliminated with cinnamon and oregano oil. More than 25% of diabetics improve their condition after eating cinnamon. The fungus blocks the vital receptor sites by staying on the surface. If you have diabetes the insulin receptors are impacted. Besides this, Candida creates a waste that additionally increases the risk of cancer due to the sugar it disposes of.

According to an scientific study:

Women who took antibiotics 25 times in their life have 100%  bigger chances to develop breast cancer. The reason for that dramatic occurrence is  due to the weakening of their immune system. The levels of beneficial bacteria are much lower than normal, which makes them more exposed for Candida A.

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