I Placed This in the House Corners and next Day All Cockroaches Were Long Gone

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Every summer we all share one particular problem and that is trying to get rid of insects. These disgusting creatures called cockroaches are the source of a different type of diseases and the thought of having them around the house is simply unbearable.

In order to get rid of them, we use all kinds of sprays or products which are filled with chemicals and can further damage our overall health and cost a lot of money.

Therefore, today we give you a practical and inexpensive recipe for you to prepare a homemade bug destruction tool.

All it takes is one onion and a spoon of baking soda.


Simply chop the onion add some baking soda and put in in every corner of your house.

These disgusting creatures which have lived in dirty areas or dumpsters previously will soon be dead and you will be protected from all sorts of diseases.

Try this out and get rid of these nasty bugs which live in dirty and nasty corners and have bad bacteria with them.

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