Psychologists Warn: NEVER Use These 5 Phrases When Talking To Your Child…

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Child mind is like a blank page, it is up to the parents to start filling the first pages and make sure their child is on the right path. Many parents don’t understand how the mind of their baby reacts to their behavior.

However, we are all humans and sometimes we all make some mistakes. The way you approach the mistakes is how you learn and overcome them.


“You are worthless!”
This is probably the worst thing a parent can say to his child. Moreover, it damages the child forever. That person will always act insecure, won’t believe in him/herself and will always seek approval from others.

There are many different and far better alternatives that you can inspire your kid to do better. Such as: “You can do better!”, “Nobody is perfect.”, “It’s not your day, you’ll do better next time.”

2. “Stop crying right now!”
When you are ordering your kid to stop crying, you are automatically making him/her to suppress the emotions. Kids are emotional and sometimes they can cry for not so major reasons.

You can use phrases, such as: It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to show how you feel. But that doesn’t make what you did a right thing to do.” Hug, and explain why it is wrong what they did.

3. “I am disappointed in you!”
Many times parents feel disappointed from their child. But when they, express that disappointment to the child you are not encouraging him/her to do better. Instead, try to guide your child and show him the right path. After all, none of us are perfect.

Maybe you can reach your child with: “Even if you chose to do what you did, I can assure you’ll realize it’s wrong after I explain. I know you can do better! “What you did is wrong, in my opinion.”

4. “You are not [something] enough!”
Degrading your kid is not such a good idea. It leaves a scar that will affect his/her whole adult life. A tree is enough to be a tree even when it is only a seed. But it needs to grow in order to become what it is.

Instead of this, tell your kid: ” Sometimes we all need to train or practice something before, in order to grow that way. You are enough to be or do what you love.”

5. “Big boys/girls don’t get scared!”
That’s a big lie right there. We all get scared from time to time, both adults and children. It’s ok for your kid to be scared sometimes. Fear is not a bad thing, it reminds us when to be careful. You should not run away from it, but face it, be aware, learn from it. And real courage is not being fearless, but facing your fear even if you are terrified.

You can encourage them that is ok to be scared: All of us are scared sometimes or It’s ok to be scared, buddy.
We believe that raising your child the right way, you make the world a better place. So, go out there and be awesome parents.

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Source: My Healthy Life Guide

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