Reasons Why Your Legs Cramp Up at Night and How to Fix It

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Leg cramps are a common problem among people and they happen mostly at night when a person is sleeping. They represent sudden spasms or so-called contractions which tighten up the muscle in a certain part of your body.

They happen at the moment the person falls asleep mostly or the second they wake up and can go away quite quickly but also remain for up to several minutes.

There is a big difference between leg cramps and a restless leg because the first one represents a state in which the person experiences a lot of pain during the movement of the legs and the second one causes a feeling of relaxation when experienced.

The reason why leg cramps appear is still a mystery but there are some possible reasons that add to the situation like:

• Thyroid issues
• Prolonged exposure to low temperatures
• The use of some specific pharmaceutical drugs.
• Pregnancy
• Dehydration
• Magnesium deficiency
• Injury
• Potassium deficiency
• Kidney diseases
• Calcium deficiency
• Pregnancy
• Physical activity
• Muscle overload
• Poor blood circulation

How should you help yourself?

1. Stay active

Try to walk every day in order to avoid standing for a longer period, therefore, avoid cramps.

2. Stretch

Stretch the muscle which is cramping and massage the place well.

3. Drink more water

One of the greatest cause of cramping is dehydration, therefore, make sure you drink a lot of water.

4. Try massage or acupuncture

Acupuncture is well-known to discover the root of the problem and fix it, as well as regular massages which can be quite effective.

5. Magnesium

Magnesium is the essential nutrient your body needs to prevent spasms, therefore eat more nuts and seeds and rub your leg with Magnesium oil.

6. Epsom salt bath

These sorts of baths provide an abundance of Mg and are great for getting rid of cramps.

Even though the remedies help, if you still experience cramps do the following steps to help your situation:

• Try to move the leg if possible, in order to boost the blood circulation.
• Rub the muscle for some time to relax it.
• Sit on the floor, extend the legs and flex the feet at the ankles. Then, drag the feet with the hands to stretch the muscles.
• Ensure a good airflow in bed, so use good-quality blankets, sheets, and clothing.

Source: Healthy Life Box

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