This Is The Way You Can Find Out That The Rice You Are Eating Contains Plastic. All The Chefs Must Know This…

The biggest producer of rice is China. There are around 200 million tons of rice collected per year in China, and much of it gets exported in different countries.

However, a problem is starting to rise now since there are a lot of pesticides involved in the Chinese agriculture, and also some of the rice is manufactured artificially now, as The Korea Times reports.


Plastic is mixed with Potato starch and kernels with the shape of rice are being formed in its production. And a rice aroma is added to the grains through steaming. According to doctors, eating three portions of this rice is the same as if you have eaten a little plastic bag.

So, this article will show you a couple of ways to check if your rice is plastic-free.

1. The water test

Fill a glass with cold water and put 1 tbsp of uncooked rice in it. If the rice sinks down, it’s ok, but if it floats at the top of the water, it contains plastic.

2. The fire test

Setting a bit of the rice on fire and checking if it burns immediately, while smelling like plastic, can show you if you should eat it or not.

3. The mortar and pestle test

When crushed with mortar and pestle, good rice should become a white starchy powder. Plastic filled rice should show a light yellow discoloration.

4. The mold test

For this test you need some cooked rice. Put it in an airtight container and let it stay there in a warm place. In a few days check if the rice is moldy. If it’s artificial, it will be mold free.

So there you have it, all the tools you need to eat good rice.

Source: Biuti DIY

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