Scarlet Fever is Back and Every Parent Needs to Watch Out For These Warning Signs

Children don’t have a fully developed immune system. That means that they are more prone to various diseases As they grow, their immune system becomes stronger they become more and more resistant to diseases.

One of the most severe diseases that children can be diagnosed is the Scarlet Fever.

This condition starts with skin rashes, itches, and overall discomfort. Over the time it becomes more severe, so adequate precautionary measures need to be applied.

Reasons for scarlet fever:

Very often, children get this disease if they get infected by the Streptococcus bacteria. This bacteria encourages the toxins to attack the organism. So, it is very likely for a kid to get affected by this disease if perverse was infected by the Streptococcus bacteria.

If it’s not treated on time, the disease will spread more in six days:

Here are the symptoms:

Red rash
Flushed face
Sore throat
Itchy skin
Swollen neck glands

First response when Scarlet Fever breaks out

Because the disease is contagious, it is important to assure proper precautions. Make sure nobody is using the children’s toothbrushes, skin care, and other hygiene supplies.

For this treatment, the doctor will probably prescribe a ten-day antibiotic treatment. Even if you see that the child is healthy, during the treatment, make sure the therapy is finished until the end.

In case if the disease is left untreated, it can cause severe kidney problems.

The general treatment

Essential oils, Lavender, Honey, and other natural remedies

It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions. However, you can ask your doctor for additional healing method to ensure your child is back on the feet as soon as possible.

Mix some apple cider vinegar with cayenne pepper. Apply the mixture on a cloth and then directly on the skin where there is a rush.

Another method is to take raw honey, raspberry leaves, and mint. Mix the altogether and then put them in a hot water. Use only 2-3 drops daily from this remedy.

Water inhalation and vapor can soothe the throat as well, by clearing the airways and preventing infections. You can throw in a few drops of lavender oil to reduce inflammation.

It is important for the body to stay hydrated. So it’s important for the child to consume a lot of water, soups, tea…

Make sure your child is away from smoking areas and in a clean and healthy environment.

Source: Healthy Food House

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