The Spin On Aspartame: The Truth We’re Not Being Told

Most people haven’t heard about Aspartame. Recently it’s all over the internet and there’s tons of information about it. However in this article you will see that how the truth about Aspartame is being hidden from us.

We can read how most doctors and experts claim that it’s not dangerous for our health, while it has been proven that the opposite is true.

Why would they lie about something that can endanger our health? Well, the reason is obvious. Because of the profit that big companies have from it.

G.D. Searle is a pharmaceutical company that developed this sweetener. However, it wasn’t approved by the FDA because the animals (mostly mice and monkeys) that the drug was tested on developed serious side effects from it, like brain lesions, tumors, seizures and some even died.

Despite all of this, the company still tried to launch their product and claimed it was safe, even though the FDA rejected it constantly for 16 years. G.D. Searle even submitted fake test results to the FDA to get their sweetener approved. However, this was noticed and the Department of Justice was asked to prosecute the company.

One of the senior toxicologists in FDA, Dr. Adrian Gross told the Congress that “Beyond a shadow of a doubt aspartame triggers brain tumors.”

Also, Aspartame was marked as harmful by the National Soft Drink Association. They claimed that when it’s being added into carbonated beverages it becomes very unstable and can break down to formaldehyde and many other things.

Monsanto bought G.D. Searle in 1985 and later it was sold in 2000 to J.W. Childs Equity Partners. Some of the symptoms found during this time by the FDA included nausea, blindness, deafness, weight gain, dizziness and death.
On it’s claimed that over six thousands products around the world contain Aspartame.

Here, in the ARC section you can also read how “The Aspartame Information Center Expert Medical Advisory Board was created to help guide the Center’s communications to health professionals and the public about aspartame benefits, safety, and role in a healthy diet.

The board members provide counsel on current medical and nutrition science, as well as insight on tools that help address the needs of health professionals in their work. Their backgrounds span critical areas of medicine and science, and each has unique experience in health and nutrition.”

Aspartame is usually labeled on the products, so you should always read the labels before buying. If you see that the product contains phenylalanine, it means it has Aspartame in it.

Also, you should always be careful when picking products, since it can be inside products that you won’t expect it to be in, for example liquid antibiotics and vitamins.

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