Superb Tips on Shrinking Large Pores

Natural oils use pores as gateways to reach the topmost skin layer to provide moisture. However, When they are enlarged many people feel discomfort.

Pores can be very visible when are clogged or irritated and especially among people dealing with oily skin.

Therefore, today we give you some natural tips to get rid of pores easily and permanently:

1. Massage your face with ice cubes

It is the ultimate way to get rid of enlarged pores in a matter of seconds! Simply rub some ice and then wash your face thoroughly

2. Apply egg white mask

Massage some egg white on your face then let it dry. The quality of your skin will be much improved.

3. Wash with cold water

First, you have to wash your face with warm water in order to open up your pores and then splash cold water on it. The pores will be immediately sealed.

4. Exfoliate with sugar and olive oil

Combine two parts of sugar and one part of olive oil massage it on your face and then wash it off with cold water. The appearance of pores will be drastically removed.

5. Use baking soda

Add some drops of lukewarm water in baking soda and massage your face with circular motions. Wash it off with cold water.

6. Smear yogurt on your face

If you think that the above-mentioned solutions might be too much for your skin you could always try some yogurt as a milder solution for your pore problem.

7. Absorb the oil with oatmeal

Put some oatmeal in a blender with some water and apply the paste you get on your face. Then wash it off with some water.

8. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Simply dab with a cotton ball previously soaked in some ACV on the affected areas and let it work for a couple of minutes. Wash it with water afterward.

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