The Surprising Things Your Night Sweats Are Trying To Tell You

When you wake up in your bed and find out that your pajamas and your bed sheets are soaked is sweat, then you might be suffering from a certain condition.

The night sweats are a very common thing and the reasons for their occurrence are numerous. In most of the cases, the cause is not serious but there are some cases where it can be a serious condition.

Your night sweats, decoded.

Moreover, constant night sweats will probably make you miserable and tired all the time. SO the best thing to do is to find the problem soon as possible and take care of it.

They also affect the people you are sleeping with so it’s not just your problem.

Medical experts suggest that a healthy body can sweat much as a liter a day. The reason for that is to maintain the body temperature static at 37 degrees. The body temperature increase just because of the clothes so if you are overdressed while sleeping you probably will have this problem.

Before you investigate the causes of your night sweats, first make sure that the environmental conditions of your bedroom are normal. Is your blanket too thick? Is there enough air circulation in your room.

The causes many times are simple as that.

Many people experience night sweats in between season’s time.

After ruling out the environmental factor. Now you need to acknowledge the question, do you take medications or antidepressant. Many prescribed drugs cause side effects such as night sweats.

Your night sweats, decoded. You should go see your doctor if you are waking up cold in your pajamas and with sheets that are completely soaked. In more than a third of sufferers, it is nothing serious, but your doctor will test you for conditions like hypoglycemia, sleep apnea, and hyperthyroidism, and rule out the possibility of more serious conditions like HIV and certain types of cancer.

Many medical conditions cause night sweats such as autoimmune conditions, severe anxiety, leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease and cancerous tumors in your intestines.

Night sweats can be caused by over consumption of alcohol, taking illegal drugs such as cocaine and others. It can even be caused by consuming too many spicy foods.

Night sweats can be caused by infections such as tuberculosis, endocarditis (an infection of your heart valves) and osteomyelitis or bone infections.

The first thing that your doctor will do when you visit him is a blood test to check if there are any signs of cancer.

Women need to know that when they come to the stage of menopause 75% of them will experience the reaction of the hormonal changes. In those changes, the night sweats are included.

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