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“The Green Tonic That’s Helped Balance My Hormones and Heal My Thyroid”

For a number of years, Elissa Goodman was suffering from Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism. At first, she was not aware of these conditions, but over time the symptoms manifested.

Getting Rid of All Excess Fat Becomes Easy After Resetting These 6 Hormones

No one wants to have an excess body fat. Besides being embarrassing, it is also harmful to the health. To eliminate it, you need to find the root cause, and then to start having a healthy diet and exercising. If you cannot lose weight still, check your hormones because they influence your appetite, metabolism, weight loss, and food cravings.

How to Reset Your Hormones and Melt Fat

There is a very vocal crowd of health experts and fitness enthusiasts on the web who trumpet the message that ‘a calorie is a calorie’. They will tell you in no uncertain terms (whether or not you ask) that all that matters is reducing your caloric intake, regardless of what you end up eating as a result.

Top 6 Herbs To Balance Your Hormones Naturally

A hormonal imbalance may be the cause of the symptoms you experience, like anxiety, bloating, or chronic fatigue, weight gain, as it might affect your overall health.

The Oils That Can Help You Fix Your Hormones

Natural herbs possess potent medicinal properties and many of them can help you restore the hormonal balance in the body. Such helpful herbs are lavender, thyme, myrtle, sandalwood, clary sage, and holy basil.