He Wakes Up From a Coma After 12 Years… Then He Revealed This Chilling Secret!

He Wakes Up From A Coma After 12 Years... Then He Revealed THIS Chilling Secret!

Hey guys, can we ask you one simple question? Have you ever thought about what actually happens after we die?

Well, that can actually be really frightening, which is also the main reason why we love some stories which make us really think about how we want to spend our time here on the Earth.

But, unluckily, when a person is suffering for such a long period, it can actually be easy for people close to them to lose their hope and even question if they would be better off letting go.

Well, this is exactly what happened when a 12 – year – old boy from South Africa, named Martyn suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with a degenerative illness, leaving him in a vegetative state.

And, unluckily, for about 12 long years, this boy was trapped inside his own body.

Martyn thinks that he actually woke up around 14 or 15 years old, but everyone who was around him thought he was completely unconscious to the world around him.

He also said that he heard his mother saying that she wished he was dead, but he knew she was heartbroken seeing her son lay there.

You just need to take a look at this amazing NBC interview and you will learn more about Martin and what he has to say about the time he was trapped in his own thoughts, for over a decade.


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