What’s Your Tummy Type and How to Get Rid of It?

We all hate how good food affects our tummy area, especially when summer is approaching and we need to look perfect. Most people don’t even try dealing with this problem as they believe there is no other way to do that but to exercise every day and to make hundreds of sit-ups every morning.

Professional top-class trainer James Duigan disagrees: Exercise may be healthy for everyone, but sit-ups don’t always have the same effect on every body type.

According to him, there are 5 different types of tummies that should be treated differently to get in normal shape, and his experience working with Rosie Whitely, Elle Macpherson, and other top models prove he is right. This is what he said:


Sounds ugly, but it looks even uglier, and affects more and more people every day. It usually happens to those working behind a desk, leading sedentary lives, and pleasing their appetite with more sugar than they should. James, however, believes this is the easiest problem to solve, as it only requires people to exercise more, and consume less refined carbohydrates such as the one contained in rice, biscuits, pasta, bread, and obviously cakes. In case you don’t do this, fat is likely to spread also on your hips and legs.

How to solve this problem?

Quit alcohol immediately! Drinking, you’re ‘injecting’ sugar directly into your waist area, stopping the body from processing other types of sugar too.

Exercise more (squats, dips, and lunges will do, no need to pay for expensive training), and eat some healthier food that doesn’t contain fat, refined sugar, salt, chemicals, or taste-preservation additives.

Never skip breakfast, and make sure it includes grilled chicken, salmon, vegetables, and boiled eggs. Nuts and avocado are other examples of tasty foods you can consume without worrying about excess fat.


These tummies are common among women whose large families or demanding careers leave no space for gym and healthy nutrition. Even when they try doing something about their bodies, they rarely change their diet, which means they are actually slim, but the tummy-porch is still there. According to the trainer, they should add more pressure on their lower back and hip flexors, using an ab-roller for instance. In this way, muscles won’t protrude enough for the tummy to stick out.

How to solve this problem?

Usually, porch-tummies are associated with digestion issues including bloating, inflammation, and constipation, and unless these conditions are solved, the tummy won’t go away. Jason recommends whole grain and green vegetable nutrition to assist you in this process.

Make sure you’re doing you sit-ups in the right position because every other way can make your lower back curvier, and give the tummy space to attract attention. If it feels as sit-ups are not helping, replace them with planks, by rising on your elbows and toes for at least 1 minute per day.

Remember – lifting weight does help solve fat problems, as long as you combine it with lunges and squats, and limit it to kilos you can actually lift without making an extraordinary effort.

Bonus tip: Enrich nutrition with easily digestible foods, and drink plenty of water. Chicken and fish are excellent choices!


People who are susceptible to digestive irritations (IBS, constipation, and so on) often have a tummy problem despite of being in the perfect shape. These tummies are called stress tummies, and you can recognize them easily because they lay weight in the umbilical area and midriff front, and they are harder than a usual tummy.

How to solve this problem?

Try not to skip meals, in particular, breakfast. Limit the amount of coffee, junk and fast food, and exercise more.

Try to sleep more, and to avoid influences that stop you from doing it soundly. Thanks to quality sleeping, your metabolism will have the necessary hormones to regulate unusual appetite.

Stop exhausting yourself, and practice yoga, meditation, or a simple long bath that could improve your dreams. Once again, try to limit caffeine as much as you can.

Walk a lot instead of spending hours in the gym, as high cortisol levels are the last thing you need to improve your immune system.

Consume more magnesium-rich food, because it reduces stress. Once again, we refer to green and leafy vegetables, but also Brazil nuts which contain plenty of it.


How to recognize a bloated tummy? In the morning, it seems like you have no tummy at all, but it takes to have a single meal for it to appear. Slim and fat people experience this issue, in particular when their diet is poor, or they suffer from common allergies and food intolerance.

How to solve this problem?

If there is a food you can’t tolerate, stop consuming it as much as you may like it. In most cases, this will be cake, cereal, pasta, or other gluten and wheat foods. For other people, it will be dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, and yeast which will continue adding up stomach fat regardless of your exercising.

Again, don’t skip breakfast, and don’t restrict the ingredients you’re consuming. Instead, get rid of your late night meals, and chew food carefully to keep your digestive system in a perfect condition. Plus, drink more water.

Bonus tip: Correct breathing will also help you eliminate a bloated tummy, so spend some extra time waking up to breathe deeply and to relax. Practice short walks after every meal.


New mummies, but also those who’ve given birth several years ago often have their uterus dropped, and a tummy that is difficult to get rid of. While a tummy like that is normal to have for a month or two, having problems to restore its previous size after that can be daunting. This is because with some women, muscles are slightly loose and blood flow needs acceleration, but after two or three months, it will be time to do something about it.

How to solve this problem?

Consume omega-3 acids and eat more fish to activate the hormones that burn fat instead of feeding the ones that store it.

Make sure your food contains good fats, which means not only fish, but olives, nuts, and selected vegetables. This way, you’ll give your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs, and energize it to combat the fatigue that is so common among new mummies.

Choose a set of gentle and easy exercises that will flatten the tummy from its insides, such as clenching your pelvic muscles here and there during the day.

Forget about crunches, as those are not really recommended in the post-pregnancy period. Pelvic exercise and deep breathing are way healthier and helpful in your situation.

Bonus tip: Sleep as much as you can, referring as well to daily power naps that help activate hormones. In the ideal scenario, use blackout blinds, and make sure no one will disturb you.

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