Stop!!! Do Not Eat Tuna Ever Again! This Might Happen To You

Eating fish is really popular these days and tuna is among the most popular types of fish out there. Although tuna is rich in nutrients and it’s recommended by doctors as a very healthy fish, in this article we will show you a couple of facts that might change your mind.

Do Not Eat Tuna Ever Again

Tuna can actually be very dangerous for your health! How?

We all know that tuna contains plenty of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, which is great. However, it’s also exposed to mercury, which is very harmful and can poison you.

Mercury poisoning may cause death as well. It’s found in many types of fish and other seafood and it can extremely damage the central nervous system, especially in babies.

The mercury level in tuna fish found in supermarkets is really low and it can’t poison you, however you shouldn’t risk it and limit its consumption or stop it for good. It’s estimated that 40% of mercury is contaminated industrially, which can slowly destroy our cognitive system.


There are many oceans that tuna fish is gathered from, and many areas are polluted or radiated. In this case, tuna may also be the causer of many types of cancer.

Source: Recipes For Natural Remedies

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